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Water Treatment & Service

As you know, it’s up to all of us to be resourceful and respectful of our current and future water use. While the District is currently pumping water from wells located throughout the Inverness Business Park, we are also actively looking for alternative water sources. Our short-term goal is to replace our current non-renewable sources with long-term renewable water sources.

As Inverness continues to grow, planning for its water future supply is an important challenge, but an attainable one. The IWSD board also recognizes the need to invest in and promote three key elements of renewable water resources: conserve, recycle, and develop. In this way, the community as a whole, will benefit.

For questions during regular business hours 8am-5pm please call the District office at 303-649-9857. If you have an after hours emergencies please call 303-231-6269.