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Water Sources -

As part of the District's objective to have a long-term reliable water supply, the District has diversified its water sources.  The District has three primary alternatives for potable supply.  The District contracts with Denver Water for a substantial portion of annual needs from Denver's renewable water supply.  The District is a member of the South Metro WISE Authority.  Through this Authority, the District receives additional renewable water from a partnership with Denver and Aurora Water.  The District has several deep wells that provide high quality water from regional aquifers.  In addition to these diverse sources, the District re-uses its treated wastewater for much of the District's irrigation supply.

Learn more about the South Metro Water Supply Authority.

 Cash Incentives for the Turf Replacement

To encourage more outdoor water conservation, the Inverness Water and Sanitation District has a “Cash 4 Grass” incentive for commercial properties that offers a rebate of $1 per square foot of grass that is removed and replaced with an Inverness Planning and Architectural Control Committee approved low water use landscape (such as shrubbery with drip irrigation).

All commercial property owners within the District’s service area that are interested in the “Cash 4 Grass” program must pre-apply for a rebate and receive the District’s approval before starting the grass replacement project. The District will rebate up to 10,000 square feet of grass replacement, for a maximum of $10,000 being paid in any one year for each property. Contact the District for further information and requirements.

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